• Chrissie Mclaughlin

Isolation in the Daintree Rainforest

2020 has begun our season in the Daintree Rainforest with the outside world closing down; Cape Tribulation is now one of the safest places to be in the world. The Douglas Shire local council has closed access into the Daintree National Park to protect the locals and the indigenous population from the spread of COVID19.

The Daintree ferry crossing is a straightforward way to control who crosses the river. Locals and homeowners are currently enjoying isolation in Far North Queensland without the spread of the virus in our area as yet. However, like most tourist destinations of the country, our lively hoods have disappeared overnight.

Far North Queensland has been hard hit, due to the loss of tourism income. Ninety-nine per cent of Daintree residents are isolating at home and trying to enjoying some downtime. It will take time to recover as it will everyone, we are at least, grateful to have our stunning isolated environment to be locked in.

The wet tropics and the Great Barrier reef has just come out of a mild, wet season with under average falls recorded. Extraordinarily we are looking like perfect weather this easter for the first time in many years. Low Humidity and sparkly sunny weather will make this a memorable Easter for us locals. Pity we are not allowed outside to play.

At Cape Tribulation Holiday House we will take the time to improve the house for guests and work on the gardens and property. We hope that when the rules-ease up that Australians will come to stay and visit our incredible environment.

We offer an authentic stay in a comfortable but unique yurt style home in the heart of the Daintree rainforest. This is a life-changing experience that may change our values in life forever. I know Nathan & I are grateful to live in Far North Queensland, we have food in our garden and fish in our sea. We are isolated enough not to feel locked up. Self-sufficient and without huge power bills and stress of needing to shop etc.

Do come and check out our self-sufficient lifestyle when things get back to normal.

Stay safe and have a happy Easter and enjoy the isolation. #isolationobservationpd


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